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Campaign Contributions (2000 and 2003 Councils)


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 Campaign Contributions 2006

Mayor Sherban's at bottom A List of Claimed Contributions Totaling More Than 100 dollars from Financial Statements for the 2000 Election .Present Council at bottom of page.
(Contesting candidates for the most part supplied their own finances)

Ward 1: Steve Pliakes-
Schickedanz Bros(Bayview) -500
Ward 2 Mark Carroll-acclaimed.
Ward 3 Peter Dobrich --
Schickedanz Brothers (Bayview)- 500
Melissa Holdings-200
Cesaroni Construction -500
Lansco Constuction-750
Metal Door Ltd.-150
Private Donors-200

Ward 4 Clifford Dunkeld
Schickedanz Bros (Bayview)-500
Lebovic -500
Madori Constuction-100
1010040 Ontario Ltd (Madori- Fairgate)-100
Michael Vong (IGA -old AP Plazas)-500
Don Mills Golf Course-200
Miller Paving-200
Jardine Henderson Realty-500
Carrwing Investment-500
Ward 5 Harry Bowes
Harry Bowes-3200.

Ward 6 Susan Sherban
Peter Sherban-1531.25 (the 25 cents is cute ,don't you think??)
Office of MAYOR-Wayne Emmerson
Schickendanz Bros (Bayview)-1000
Madori Construction_375
1010040 Ontario Ltd (Madori-Fairgate-Stefannuti)-375
Melissa Holdings-400
Cesaroni Construction-500
Lansco Construction-500
Miller Paving Ltd-250
Don Mills Golf Centre Ltd.-250
Carrwing Investments-250
Metal Door Ltd -250
Vaz Construction-200
Logan Homes (Division of 333568 Ont Ltd)-300
TACC Construction (Woodbridge)-500
120082 Ont.Ltd (Stouffville)-750
A&S Construction (Stouffville)-500
Shell Lumber-750
KJ Bemish Construction-500
Savoia Development-750
704160 Ont.Inc (Uxbridge)-500
Greater Toronto Sewer and Watermain Contractors Assoc.-750
Jardine Henderson Reality Inc-250
Black River Scrap Metal -Angela Consuelo Investments Inc -1000
Mine Radio Systems Inc (Stouffville)-100
Zetetic Data Systems Ltd-200
Cosburn Patterson Mather Ltd-300
Leo McArthur (Markham)-250
Gallo Real Estate -300

Now repeat after me."CONSTRUCTION,CONSTRUCTION ,CONSTRUCTION! kids lets play a game .."How many times does the word construction appear on the page?..Now , Do you know some other words that mean 'construction?'
I've had Politicians tell me there is nothing wrong in accepting Campaign Donations from invested interests and I guess if you are a politician trying to survive a election there is nothing wrong..However when some one gives you something there is a fundament human compulsion to give something in it Human it debt..we don't like debt..we are conditioned to remove debt at all costs..let's just call it Human Nature!!(Webster Dictionary..debt-'obligation')
2003 Sue Sherban's little helpers


            Randy Mole $5000. (personal)

 No Personal contributions from the 2 Mayors listed 

 They do not have to pay for their Campaigns

            Sue Sherban:

                                    Savoia Developments Ltd. $750                                       .

                                    Mainsville York Holdings Limited  $500                           !!

                                    Carrwing InvestmentsLtd    $500

                                    Mattamy Homes Ltd.             $750

                                    Schickedanz Bros            $750

                                    Pilen Construction      $750

                                    Powell Contracting     $350

                                    Carlinios Development    $500

                                    Greater Toronto Sewer Watermain Contractors   $500

                                    Don Mills Golf Centre Ltd    $200

                                    Bridlefield Ltd          $750

        smaller companies and individuals $4637            Total $11687?        

The BIG Pipe
At present the BIG pipe (YDSS-York Durham Sanitary Sewer)is at the 16th concession.The developers are awaiting the approval of their subdivision plans as a receipt for spending the 14.3 millon (estimated Cost) for Phase 2 to bring the pipe up to Stouffville.They are providing the upfront costs but will be refunded 100% by US throught development charges credits. WE ARE PAYING FOR THE PIPE...The DEVELOPERS profit ..we's a bit like opening the door to a thief to come in and take your prize possesions ..there is the same feeling of being violated...Our muncipal bureaucracy will also benifit as will some but Not All businesses (With increasesd population Will come the Big Department stores and more service businesses.Present businesses would only profit if the status quo was maintained and that will not be the case.So you small businesses that think that this population increase is going to have a good effect on your business think again...this is not a likely scenario..

Present Council Campaign Contributions will be posted by June 20,04

Why on earth should an elected official need to accept developers’ money?

             Wayne's last campaign was almost totally financed by the developers (as was half the council) at a time when subdivision approval was crucial. You remember those two nights in 2003, start of the Summer Holidays, six subdivisions in two nights until 2 a.m.  Is that the kind of respect you expect from your Mayor and Council?  I bet they didn’t tell you that when we signed that Sec Plan we gave the developers legal access to those land and to do pretty much anything they please if the council doesn’t stand up for the peoples’ interests.

 My last campaign cost me $5000. Sue’s and Wayne’s cost them nothing.

Half of Mayor Sherban’s last campaign was financed by the development industry (less Players these days).( I would say these people are getting good return on their dollar.) She ignored my attempt to bring focus on our Heritage homes, allowed the destruction of our trees and scheduled a special meeting to accommodate Wal-Mart, well beyond the call of duty. (Was Wally good to you too Sue?)


            One of the first things that I would do as your new mayor would be to make the receipt of   moneys in any form from the development industry a cause for dismissal from Council.  And Campaign Contributions from Developers would be illegal.  I'm sure they would find a way around it.  But full disclosure is necessary, and the will of the people should be made known.  I do not condone these actions or this behavior.  I work for the Town's benefit alone.

            The Town is spending over a 100mil in the next 10 yrs. The developers pay for the roads 62Mil .We (Debt and Taxes) pay for everything else. For Honest Value for Your Dollar Vote Mole