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have we witnessed such DEVASTATION to a countryside by Heavy Machinery!
Like a plague of Locust,sweeping over the land,leaving in their wake,a Barren Crust of asphalt and brick,concrete and steel, with Toxic lawns and chemical washes,poisoning the water,fouling the air,Strangling our very Existence ........
No Science, no Law will ever convinced the people that the destruction of our Life -Giving Natural Resources is "Smart Growth", "Common Sense", or Necessary. This is abuse plain and simple, and ANTISOCIAL!.....

Say GOOD-BYE to the Small Town of Stouffville as she TRIPLES in the next 10-15yrs
BYER BEWARE!! do you Live here ;did you Buy here because it was a Small Town??.Your Investment is at STAKE!.
  DEVELOPMENT is divide up in to Quadrants
A south-east.. Lebovic+~2600~5000



this is just the beginning!

it took us 50yrs to go from 4,000 to 12,000!
now ,Thanks to our Mayor and his Developer Friends we are set to TRIPLE in the next 10-15yrs...say GOODBYE to th Small Town of Stouffville!!
there are fields to the North,room for 1000's more houses after they've finished .
Lebovic has more land south of Stouffville Rd reaching out to McCowan Rd

The SpringsLake GolF Club at 48 &Stouffville Rd was slated for 15-2000 houses that has stalled but the land is still zoned for Residential

Population forecasted for 41,000..if theses other possibilities come "on-line" 60,000..what roads??did you see a road??!!!

What's It GoingTo BE?!
.Although between a third and a half of the earth's incoming solar energy is immediately reflected back into space by clouds, the atmosphere as a whole works very much like a greenhouse, trapping heat. When too much is retained, we have not just a greenhouse but a hothouse, and the entire global climate system is affected.
The average global surface area temperature has increased by around one degree Celsius over the last 150 years. Within the next few decades, the greenhouse effect could raise the average temperature by another degree, with a rise of several more degrees possible by the second half of the 21st century. Such temperature rises would cause dramatic changes in the earth's climate and weather patterns
Warmer atmosphere would also cause melting of glaciers and ice caps, with the result that sea levels could rise by a metre or more.Rainfall and monsoon patterns would shift, possibly turning areas like the rice growing regions of Asia and the North American prairies into dust bowls.These changes in global temperature may not sound enormous, but the earth has not been one degree Celsius warmer than it is today since before the dawn of civilization. In short, we are conducting an unprecedented experiment with our planet

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Startling Facts!
While the global population increases by 84 million people a year, we endanger our ability to feed those people.Although Canada's land mass is huge, only nine percent of it is arable, and only half of that amount has climate suitable for agricultural production. Yet we continue to take our farmland out of production: nearly 19 percent of it was converted to other uses or abandoned between 1961 and 1981. (It is not hard to imagine the loss of farmland due to Mike Harris's politics and political debt to the developers)

More than half of Canada's best farmland is within 200 kilometres of Toronto, but we have already built on or paved over 10 percent of it (circa 1989), and nonagricultural development shows no signs of slowing down. Nor are we taking proper care of the farmland that remains: as much as half of the organic material in the soils of Ontario, PQ, and prairies has been stripped because of monocropping, and we are not putting it back through mulch and manure. A centimeter of topsoil takes about 150 years to form naturally; we're losing it at the rate of about a centimeter every four to eight years. the math..!

For a Further Discussion on these topics ....

Tombstones in their Eyes"
.Heavy Construction,Noise and Dust for the next 10-15 yrs

a Golden Harvest and the Promise of Spring
With a Rich Heritage as a Farm community, STOUFFVILLE has always been Proud of Its Small Town Charm and Friendly Neighbors.