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They called it the Magic Hole!

< No matter what they dumped there at nite It had disappeared into the ground by morning!'
An estimated 55 Millon Litres of Chemical Waste per month was dumped in open pits for 11 years!!
No Records kept of what Chemicals!!
Situated at the high Point of Land- the Top of the Oak Ridges Moraine on land designated by the Ontario government as a Critical Recharge area-where 90% of any liquid that falls on the ground ends up in the Water Aquifer!!
With the Population of Stouffville set to increase from 12,000 to 40,000,(an application is in to raise it to 23,000 at present)

The More Water taken from the Town Wells , the faster the draw-down of the Well and the Larger the Cone of influence at the well bottom (draws from a wider area)
Due to the Proximity ,there is High Probablity of contamination.
If such a Catastrophe should occur Who will bear responsiblity for allowing un- checked development to occur?!
Aug8 Tribune:One -third of the well water samples tested by York Region are showing signs of bacterial contamination, according to the health department...some 16,000 households,or 53,000 people rely on wells for water.A leading indicator of contamination is the level of total coliforms,comprised of bacteria that are present in the environment...20% of wells are showing signs of total coliforms...this could also be the result of contamination from septic systems.Fecal contamination can also result in the presence of E. coli, which are bacteria from the intestinal tracts of warm-blooded creatures
Aug10 Total water ban in effect due to high temps ,lack of rain.

Entrance to ToXic Dump opposite Maples Golf on 48 above Bloomington
.A raised Mount is visible from the road .With a Microwave Tower just to the west and the Water Tower for Musselmans Lake a mile to the East Its very easy to find
Water ponds at Maples ,opposite
Just to give you an idea where the Water Table is!!.
Entrance to Town Wells at Baker Hill 2000metres down hill from Dump
.These well are some of the orginals.. ,going back to the late 1800's.Stouffville was proud of it's Artesian wells ,some of the best Water around

Like some DISaPpearing AcT-A MaGic SHow