Hoover-Harper Farm House-The Problem with Heritage



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Hoover-Harper Farm House-The Problem with Heritage

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Our Hertiage Home under fire ..literally

 By some strange coincidence the Tribune ran a front page story on Heritage Homes a few months previous called Heritage Homes under Fire ,talking about our inability to preserve heritage homes.

I grew up in and looking at this house
  1855 Solid and True with 2 ft A testemont to the kind of people that built this town :One stone at a time

 Unlike the houses built today these were built to last . No 30yr lifetime so the development industry can keep churning them out . Something to do with Character I guess.

Perfect timing . Mere weeks before they were to start on the Subdivision
 Who Burnt the Harper Hoover Homestead??

 The Town lost one of its prime Hertiage Building last Friday night to a senseless act of vadalism  with the burning of the Harper Hoover Homestead. a 150 year old Field Stone  Home  unique in our community and the very symbol of our Heritage.

                              Destroyed by Whom??

                     If it be Kids then they need to be deal with and understand that their actions are not with out consequence

          If it be Adults then it is Criminal and they should  receive the full measure of the Law.

          I understand the York Regional Police are investigating.

          I appeared before  Council to ask them to  facilitate that investigation by calling a Public Forum and inviting all and any Citizens that might have any information surrounding the incident to come forth with that information with the Police  present to take any pertinent testimony and also to discuss what we as a Town wish to preserve and how we can best do that beyond the Provincial measures  which basically leave it up to the Developers whims. Unfortunately I was made to wait until the end of the meeting when there was no one there and everyone was tired because the mayor had more important business to attend to ( cuddling  up to the developers and the planners while deny the residents their lawful rights .)

 We need strong local bylaws

           I promised Mrs. Harper that I would protect her Home  and I have failed and I want to know why and  I want to know why this Council and Town have failed to protect one of our essential heritage Buildings , since they are ultimately responsible.

          If this  is willful destruction   it is disgusting  and should not be tolerated in any shape or form or condoned by the lack of action by the Town.

                    NOW ...... NOT Wait and SEE


( I personally wont be satisfied until this house is reconstructed on the very spot  )

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A Termendous Loss
I'm so tired of this .

Epilogue :an accidental double exposure I did 4 years ago

 Are we really supposed to sit back and say 'Oh well .It's progress "??

Once its gone It's gone forever. Who will remember?