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 Campaign Contributions 2006

Who's working for Who??

 Some what of an unholy union of Councillors needs for re-elction funds and Developers' vast resources gives one an uneasy feeling about the outcome of certain Council Decisions . Although it is indeed difficult to fight the OMB over cerain development  decisions it can be done when there is a will by Council to honour the Residents  part of the bargain we made with the Development Community . This bargain is called our Secondary Plan

Office of the Mayor


Don Barker.  $1000.   Pamela Courtot   $3100.   Randy Mole  $2950            Sue Sherban $27,700              

Wayne Emmerson.    $21,175      

 Shell lumber   $750.   (Schickendanz Brothers Ltd. $750 ,  Bayview Cummer Shopping Center $500 ,  One to Six Estates Limited $750.Kurt Schickendanz Holdings $750. Ann-Gus Holdings Ltd.$750.Daniel Schickendanz Holdings  $750.Wagema Holdings Ltd. $750.=Mailing address: 3311 Bayview Ave., Suite 105.  Willowdale, Ontario)                        
  • Mondo Products Company Limited $500. Cole Engineering Group Ltd. $500..  John BoswortLtd. $300.   Melissa Holdings Ltd. 466369 Ontario Limited.  Scarborough  $300.                        Crown Manufacturing 2000 Inc., Gormley Ontario   $750,   Metrus Development Inc., Concorde Ontario  $750.   Hyprescon, Stouffville    $750.  Mattamy Homes, Oakville   $750  ,  Betz Pools Stouffville.   $300. Metal Door Limited, Gormley. $500.   Gallo Real Estate, Stouffville.  $300.                 Revlis securities No.2 ( Lebovic Enterprises) $750.  Patti-Lynn Stouffville.  $250.                        Kylemore Communities , Markham $500.K. J. Beamish Construction Ltd. $500.  Lor-Reg Holdings Ltd., Markham $250    Jen-Dan Ltd., Markham $500.  RC Sherwood Sales, Aurora $100.                        Fieldgate Land Development Ltd., Toronto $750.         Maurane Holdings Ltd., Stouffville.  $250.      MAM Group Inc. Vaughan.  $750.    433405 Ontario Inc.c/o Frank Mauro, Box 539 Stouffville $750.                        Dear Gate Homes Ltd(? Fairgate??). Box 539, Stouffville $750.             Savoia Developments Ltd, Toronto $500.              Don Mills Golf Center, Markham $300.                        Greater Toronto Sewer and Water Main Contractors Association.  $750. Individuals; $1750.

Subdivision Signs EVERYWHERE!!

Adding captions makes my pictures more interesting.

Ward Councillors

  1. Ward 1.     Ken Ferdinands $0.00.            
  2.  Ward 2.       Phil Bannon.                        Herbert Frieberg, North York $750.                        Joseph Freiberg, Concord $750.                        Budget Propane, Gravenhurst.  $750.                        Dennis Dellios , Clarkson $750.                        2054889 Ontario Limited, Gormley $750.                        SCS Consulting group, Markham $200.                        Hoover Park Town Center Inc.,  Vaughan $750.                        Zohrab Killislian, Toronto $500.                        Savoia Developments Ltd., Toronto $500.                        Schickendanz Brothers Ltd.,  $750.                        Greater Toronto Sewer and Water Main.  $200.            
  3.  Ward 3.      Clyde Smith.                        Rice Commercial Group, Gormley $750.                        John McGovern, Gormley $750.                        Magna International Inc., Aurora $750.                        Budget Propane, Aurora $500.                        Tovtel Enterprises Markham $750                        Hoover Park Town Center Inc., Vaughan $750.                        Clyde Smith, $200.            
  4. Ward 4; Susanne Hilton.  $3050.             
  5. Ward 5.  Richard Bartley.                        Apache Freight Lines, Stouffville $500.                        B. Phillips Co Ltd., Gormley $400.                        Betz Pools, Stouffville $200.                        Don Anderson Haulage.. Ltd. Stouffville $300                        Peter Williamson Uxbridge, $500.                        SCS Consulting Group, Markham $500.                        Scott-Woods Transport, Maple $200                        Todd Brothers Contracting Stouffville $200  .                        Todd Pools Limited Stouffville $300.            
  6.  Ward 6.  Rob Hargrave.                        Selono Gormley Industrial Investments.  $750.                        Hoover Park Town Center, Inc. Vaughan $750                        2054889 Ontario Limited, Gormley $750.                        Herbert Freiberg, North York $500.                        Joseph Freiberg Concord $750                         Dennis Dellios Clarkson $750.                        Mattamy Homes Ltd., Oakville $400                        Don Mills Golf Center, Markham $300                        Miller Paving Markham, $200                        Blennan, Paving &Construction Markham, $250.                        Sheriff Corporation Concord $750                        Madori Ltd., Toronto $750                       

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 sooo many trees ,sooo little time!

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