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 Campaign Contributions 2006

 Rogers TV Debate I would like to invite the Residents  of Whitchurch -Stouffville to participate in an experiment in responsive government.  Responding to the needs of the   residents  (rather than the financial considerations of the developers. )  So When the consultants tell us to cut down all of our mature trees.  Let's just say no.  When the consultants tell us that our heritage homes are unimportant.  Let's just say no!        When the consultants tell us to ruin a quiet neighborhood by making it a Raceway.  Let's just say no. .  Instead of listening to  an  outsider authority telling us, what is compatible, rather than asking us what is compatible with us.  Let's just say no When we make concessions to the developers.  The people pay.          I took the developers to the OMB over compatible infil  housing in our older neighbourhoods (a per the Sec Plan ).  I filed for an environmental assessment of the proposed Lake based water supply because (I don’t want to drink Lake Ontario Water) I believe it to be of lesser quality( than our artesian wells water supply,) and it will mean uncontrollable growth. If we are to have development here.  Let's have it in a manner which makes for a healthy investment in our future, ).     If you do not  elect a Mayor and a Council which are  prepared to standup and fight for your interests then you might as well forget any pretense of self government you will be dicated to         I have stood up for you and I will standup for you    tired of being told there is one rule for you, and another rule for the developers?             I see a Green Town with a green heart ,fresh air and fresh water with a cool breeze 

Remember why we live here          On Nov 13 Vote for yourself   Our Needs


Ballantrae, November 2, 2006.

  Thank you, Ballantrae for giving us this opportunity to exercise our democratic rights.

 When was the last time you went swimming in Musselman's lake ?  I normally go every year, however, this year I passed.  Three years ago I proposed that the town buy a weed harvester and put it at the disposal of the various Lake Associations and private owners.   We need to tackle this problem . promptly.  It is criminal, what we do with our water  in this community.  It is an extremely valuable resource and must be maintained.  In my literature  I talk of various means of aeration . Shadow Lake has a mechanical windmill aerator.   they are relatively inexpensive and could be made up in the high school shops.  I realize the enormity of the situation, but we must take a step forward.

  I would like to focus on my main concern, which is Campaign Finance Reform.  The developers feel that it is  a good investment to finance the campaigns of the incumbents or former mayors.  I do not condone, this behavior in any manner.  They expect value for their dollar.  When we make concessions to the developers It is you the people that pay , now or later.  Our water our trees our heritage our traffic problems.     Concessions

        I also will be introducing term limits.. 2 terms-- eight years, which is perhaps too long.  Stouffville is no longer a small town.  You know what they say about power.  Oh some people benefit, but realistically it stagnates the economy and leads to apathy amongst the residents who feel that they are not part of the decisionmaking process. ( It is very anti-democratic).  No more old boys clubs here.  There are many new peoples coming in, and we wish to embrace them and make them a part of the community  by allowing them to participate in that community. ( No Blank checks here.).


I Challenge the Mayoral Candidates to a Real Debate- Round Table Discussion.

The dream, October 21, 2006.

          A green town with a green heart.

 Come and Take a ride on our heritage train.   walk beside the creek and visit the artisans along our sculpture walk.  To our town hall theater.  Watch an enactment of Stouffville's history by our high student summer stock.  Be a spectator at our historical lawn bowling club, the oldest sports facility in the town.  Enjoy our park with ,tennis, indoor and outdoor pools, skate park Library etc. Wander Uptown pass the fountain beside our old clock tower and visit the restaurants and specialty shops , as you make your way back to the York Durhum historical train for a ride through our countryside oh, don't forget to ask about our authentic Indian village, the largest excavated Indian village in southern Ontario.  Have a nice afternoon in our small country town


 Open Letter to the Ballantrae Golf and Country Club  Nov 1

It has come to my attention and that of others that there is a certain anomaly existing in the town of Whitchurch Stouffville by which a certain group, quite insular in nature and removed from the politics of the town can shape the very future of that town (with which they have very little interaction). So I'm appealing to their rationality and sense of fair play and asking them to consider very carefully when they make their choices at the ballot box.

You have the ability to determine the next Mayor of this Town, and with that the very future of this Community. And yet you are far removed from the turmoil and issues which are shaping the town of Stouffville proper. You must remember that the councilor you elect, must represent the interests of his whole constituency. This time around, you have a young man of 25 whom you should consider closely because he is very impressive. That said, I'm sure you will vote heavily in favor of the present councilor and a member of your community.

The position of mayor is a very important one, and you should take all the care in the world when considering the various candidates and realize the importance of electing somebody who will best represent the interests of the town. These interests may not be your interests, but they are the necessary factors required to make for good government at all levels, and areas of town. Therefore I'm a appealing to your sense of fair play, rationality and respect for the necessary requirements when selecting a good mayor. This is not always experience. Experience takes us many places in this world. More important is the direction these candidates want to take you. Is it a positive healthy future they seek, because we do have to change directions , at this point in time. We can no longer afford to continue in the manner that we have grown accustomed to. We must accept our responsibilities, to ensure a future for our children and their children. We no longer have the luxury of waste. It may not be easy, it may be extremely difficult, but we have to come to terms with our existence on this planet and act in a positive manner. No more business as usual. We simply can't afford it.

Make sure your vote is counted on November 13th. Your right to vote is your right to shape the future of your Town & Country, that is a precious right that should be cherished and exercised. Democracy is a constant debate, a constant conversation. When the conversation stops so does democracy. Consider, ask questions, make demands and hold them accountable. These people give You the power to shape the future. Consider it well.

'What you may perceive as being in your best interests may not be in the best interest of the town as a whole.'

And lastly I would just like to say : this is an extraordinary town, and if we link the links, you can putt your way clear across this town . ( That will be my golf tournament)!

I thank you,

Randy Mole

"Experience is a valuable tool but more important in a leader is integrity ,creativity and imagination"



To Parkview seniors

Hello Old Friends!


            On a voyage of discovery, I discovered, Home.  I know you people know the value of home, because most of you are from Stouffville or small towns nearby and know the charm of a small country town.

 Unfortunately you have, like myself, witnessed the Town that we love and cherish disappear before our very eyes.  And we have all asked, why? And we have never received a good reply!  I can't answer that one for you.  You will have to ask the mayors.  Perhaps they can explain.


              Many feel that previous experience on council, or as mayor are necessary requirements for the job.  I can honestly say I have had no experience accepting developers money, making questionable decisions which favor the developers over the people’s needs or misleading you as to true nature of all this development in the first place.  If you wish to reward this type of behavior, and continue on a path determined by the developers’ wishes, then you must vote for experience as the essential ingredient and the people with that experience.  If you value integrity, and creativity and imagination as being qualities of a good leader then you must look elsewhere.

             I will not compromise my values.  I work for the benefit of this town alone, as I have for the last six years,- reading the reports, asking the questions, heading delegations and presenting resolutions to council. I have a background here that goes well beyond half the councillors that are on council.  I know the budget, the direction, most of the studies.  I know where this town is going and how it proposes to get there.  I know the funding formula from the province.  I know the OMB.  I'm the only one here that has gone to the OMB   to fight for your rights.  I was with that process, from day one.  And yes, it was my house.  It was my neighborhood.  It was my fields, my woods, my Farmhouse, my creek, my Town!

             I fight for the things I believe in and cherish!

            I don't get paid to do this.    The developers pay for the mayors' campaigns.  You think they are going to anger the developers? Do you think they want more developer money?          

            This is my dime!  My Time!  I don't work for any body.  I work for the benefit of this town alone.

My attitude as far as the developers goes is; If they can't do it right.  They can't do it here.

These are my credentials.  My determination.  My willingness to fight for you every step of the way.


            I know it is too late to save much of what we cherished.  However, we must try and preserve what is essentially Stouffville.  Our good will.  Our understanding.  Our common sense.  Our common decency towards our fellowman.  These are strong Stouffville characteristics that we all grew up with and which will serve us well in the New Stouffville, which is materializing around us as we speak.


            Welcome, the New Town, but never forget Our Old Town, and perhaps the new people will understand why we live here.


                                    Thanks and enjoy that sun!



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