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Campaign Contibutions and Concessions

 Campaign Contributions 2006

Wayne and Mr. Lebovic's contribution to our town.

Wayne likes to talk about Hoover Park and 48, but fails to mention that his council allowed Mr. Lebovic to build houses with driveways backing out onto a major collector knowing fully well that that street would be very busy with bus traffic thus creating a very dangerous situation with young children playing, and contrary to the expressed wishes of the secondary plan.

2 ) instead of a single spanned bridge were Hoover Park crosses Stouffville Creek, Wayne's Council, allowed Mr. Lebovic to put in 2 cheap sewage culverts thus effectively ruining the Creek Valley and destroying a nice walk .

3) the Harper -Hoover Woods, the best woodlot in town, open space environmental designation, no development allowed. Cut in half, so Mr. Lebovic could make more money on some large houses in the woods.

4) . there are numerous other locations, where Mr. Emmerson allowed developers, the upper hand at our expense.

Mayor Sherban 's generosity to the developers. Allows the destruction of an older established neighborhood of bungalows so that one influential developer family can have their way. Allows the destruction of our best treed Farm Lane, bordering Millard Street. Does not appear to have much influence when it comes to saving our heritage (especially those homes on developers lands). Calls for a special meeting for Wal-Marts to allow them to open by Christmas. Wal-Marts thanks the whole council by cutting them a check for 750 each. Not all accept. Ask them who refused.

Some people feel there is nothing wrong with this. Perhaps in the business world, where you represent your own interests. However, in government where you are being paid by the people to represent their best interests, it constitutes a conflict of interest.

I've had people tell me that 750 is nothing. True it is probably only the tip of the iceberg. Those 750's can buy you a job. Answered this question. Why do developers continually bankroll the incumbents or former incumbents? Developers tend to be hard bargaining businessmen. I'm sure they like their money to work for them ,just as everybody else does, by setting up an obligation to insure a positive reception to their interests. If an incumbent wishes to run the next time around, he will want that money again.

It would have been, indeed, very unhealthy for Emmerson to run in 2003 at the time when all the subdivisions were breaking ground. He would have been rightfully blamed for all his deals. Somehow he miraculously recovers, a few months later, in time to run for the Liberals (after being turned down by the Conservatives). Wayne's stated publicly that he was against the four-year term,however, he said he was willing to serve 2 more terms.

Wayne says he will keep taxes down. This unfortunately is not possible. Especially if he is going to be good to his developer friends again and build a new arena and large theatre. Previously, he kept taxes artificially low by spending the reserves and not paying the bills. (The Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement Savings plan ) OMERS) thus dumping it on the present council.

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 The Town has budgeted $200,000 for tree planting and trail formation. We just threw away $500,000  worth of trees and construction and missed an opportunity to have a world class entry to our Small Country Town . Wakeup Sue !

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