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Witness the EvoLution of a Dream!
The Creative Process is an onGoing ,Never Ending ,Process !

YesTerdays Gone..a New Tomorrow which recalls the Past
.Hey Kid Its Time to play Dress up!
First We Get inThe Experts...
AlWays an Interesting Cast of CharAcTers!!
Then We Add a BALCoNY for Drinks on a Hot Summer Nite..
A Stain Glass Window Around The DooR
Glassed In Front Porch ReCeption-Art Gallery-InformaTion
Perhaps a Tinted Glass-Gold?!..or a Mauve?..something to accentuate the overall Design and Colour scheme
Valuable Space can Be Obtained thru Glassed in Studios Offices slooping out to the side Walk
SPaCe Is A CHALLeNge..ever inch Counts
WoodenShutters ,WindowBoxes ,IvY,Stained Glass Portal (there must be some Stained Glass people In Town
Local Artists and CraftsMen and Women contribute Their Considerable Talents...this is OUR Work of in the Days of Cathedral Building..LOCAL TALENT!! .
(Patterned Roof Tiles are a cheap and easy way to create design)



            So I said to myself -if they can do it, I can do it too, so I got my Crystal Ball and shined it up real good and this is what I seen!

            First of all, we got to get rid of those coach lights.  If we take out every other one   and dispersed them around the square ,down along the sculpture walk ,around the old library and Park Drive South perhaps up Church Street we will still have enough leftover for other parts of  town!  You can keep the stands for flowers and banners, but we got to simplify there-just too much clutter! As for signage -perhaps a Port Perry thing with a little flavor and colour  .

            The SQUARE should   be a pattern or a mosaic with different squares done by different community groups through their volunteer ship and fundraising.  We have to build the square together.  It will be a healing process.  And I see an oasis - some trees and a reflecting pond- small but with a single fountain, in the middle of the parking lot (no more than 4 parking spaces!)  with more trees and benches and flowers along the edges and overlooking the sculpture path and Creek.  Like a giant quilt woven by the various factions of the town - sports, arts music, community and church groups-a harmony of sorts.  And radiating out from the square will be a number of walks and bicycle paths along the Creek etc. to focus the various sections of the town back onto the square.

            The Theatre will expand out the end and the sides   with   glassed in verandas and raised platforms to allow for restaurants and cafes and   stages for summer plays and music festivals ..

            As for parking, we have all the parking we need within a two-minute walk and more by shuttle if need be .

            Now as for the Theatre- it should be a multipurpose building with a metamorphic space which can expand or contract as need be. The trick will be to keep it flexible and feasible. Council meetings and presentations, Dinner theater  , held towards the end of the week and the weekend.  The main lobby could be a small museum , information center and artist gallery with multipurpose rooms and exhibitions.  Office space for the town will best be found in the creamery building or perhaps the old I. G. A. or any one of the other available spaces downtown! In this way we will focus the town back to its center.  (And the town staffers will have a reason to go out for an smoke break!)

            As for seed money I can think of no better use for the $450,000 with which Lebovic bought the right   to   start on his subdivisions, since the people of town deserve some " immediate and tangible benefit" from this money and to use this money for planning or infrastructure is as good as     giving it to back to the developer.       

            And last, I see a new festival for the town of Stouffville, utilizing our Sports Venues, our Town Square and Theatre And Called the CELEBRATION OF STOUFFVILLE

                                ( Ouch! this Crystal Ball is hot, I better set it aside for a while and let it cool off!)       

                                                                                                            Randy Mole. 

PS 3 years later this was the basic concept adapted by Council .Right down to the Festival ..' in time for the 130th Birthday of Stouffville' ..what can i say ..great minds think alike or any fool can see the beauty of it!