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  Why on earth should an elected official need to accept            developers’ money?

           Wayne's last campaign was almost totally financed by the developers   at a time when subdivision approval was crucial. You remember those two nights in 2003, start of the Summer Holidays, six subdivisions in two nights until 2 a.m.  Is that the kind of respect you expect from your Mayor and Council?  I bet they didn’t tell you that when we signed that Sec Plan we gave the developers legal access to those land and to do pretty much anything they please if the council doesn’t stand up for the peoples’ interests.

 My last campaign cost me $5000. Sue’s and Wayne’s cost them nothing.

Half of Mayor Sherban’s last campaign was financed by the development industry (less Players these days). I would say these people are getting good return on their dollar. She ignored my attempt to bring focus on our Heritage homes, allowed the destruction of our trees and scheduled a special meeting to accommodate Wal-Mart ,well beyond the call of duty. Was Wally good to you too Sue?

One of the first things that I would do as your new mayor would be to make the receipt of   moneys in any form from the development industry a cause for dismissal from Council.  And Campaign Contributions from Developers would be illegal.  I'm sure they would find a way around it.  But full disclosure is necessary, and the will of the people should be made known.  I do not condone these actions or this behavior.  I work for the Town's benefit alone.

          The Town is spending over a 100mil in the next 10 yrs. The developers pay for the roads 62Mil .We (Debt and Taxes) pay for everything else. For Honest Value for Your Dollar Vote Mole

A large theatre will be an expensive proposition requiring commercial ventures and will be by its nature too intimidating too large and too expensive for the service of the community alone

. At this point in time. (Show Me the Money!)

 Lets not forget Arts and Culture are defining Toronto these days

-Memorial Park We keep as much of the old as possible and utilize the rest of the space (beside the Lebovic Centre ) to balance our needs. I did not OK 5000 houses in the South     If the proposed (slow) Park Drive South does not go through then Thicketwood, Lori and   smaller  streets become Park Drive South with 10,000 plus cars. 


The dream,


        A green town with a green heart.


            Come and Take a ride on our heritage train. Walk beside the creek and visit the artisans along our sculpture walk to our Town Hall Theater.  Watch an enactment of Stouffville's history by our high student summer stock.  Be a spectator at our historical lawn bowling club, the oldest sports facility in the town.  Enjoy our park with ,tennis, indoor and outdoor pools, skate park Library etc. Wander Uptown pass the fountain beside our old clock tower and visit the restaurants and specialty shops , as you make your way back to the York Durhum historical train for a ride through our countryside oh, don't forget to ask about our authentic Indian village, the largest excavated Indian village in southern Ontario.  Have a nice afternoon in our small country town

Public Information Mauro Sudvision Feb.20
On Thursday Feb 20th, 6:45 PM the Town is holding a Public Information Session for purposes of review and discussing the Mauro subdivision on the 9th Line,north of Bramble Crescent . In the past the town has been criticized for not presenting the information openly or fully to the people ( for incidence why they do not see fit to put the subdivision plans in the newspaper , so that all the town can see what is being proposed, not just the people within 130 m. of those plans) . " This is not a formal presentation or a question/answer session." However it is up to you ,the Public to ask those questions and demand those answers because at a subsequent council meeting they will just be approving everything with the statement that they have allowed for adequete public input.
What is evident from these new plans is a total reliance on the car with no small parkettes or bicycle paths breaking the blocks and allowing for alternate forms of transportation .
Don't they get it! Southern Ontario is one of the most polluted and congested areas on the continent! We pay for this pollution in high medical costs , increased crime which comes from increased anxieties and general deterioration of our quality of living which has an effect on everything we do . "The Economic Engine of the Nation " is about to have a heart attack brought on by the ever increasing cost of health care , policing , pollution , gridlock and garbage.
I think it's time that the developers and planners got out of their cars and started walking and bicycling. I think it's time that young mothers and children were a part of the planning boards of this town. If we are building for the future here then it has to be suitable for those people most involved , our children.
A healthy community is a successful community, a happy community, a well knit community. One immune from many of the problems of the larger congested urban centers.
Why is it so difficult for these planners and the developers to want to do something decent for this community! Why is it that the Planners are not taught that the structure of a community has considerable effect on the social and psychological makeup of it. Crime is preventable at the street design level . Congestion and gridlock are a product of the design and can be prevented . . The sole purpose of these subdivisions is to house the people and their cars. For community they have to go elsewhere. The essence of a small town is that community spirit which is more open and giving and understanding because people have a chance to meet and know their neighbors. Small parkettes allow this. Not everybody is willing to invite a complete stranger over to their house, however they have an opportunity to meet them and know them ,socialize with them and have their kids play with their kids in small parkettes. ' Neutral Grounds'. These should be an essential part of every block. (Which is called for in our Secondary Plan and our Urban Guidelines ). Why can't they get this? Are the planners only trained to think in straight lines ? People want to get out of their cars ! ( Especially at these Gas prices !)
These people work for you ..don't let them forget it! Tell them what you need.

Life Is Business. At the End of the Day You Account Your Accomplishments and Accredit Your Worth.
Business is indeed a part of being a mayor. However a mayor is also a spiritual leader. As is his council. The role of mayor is part cheerleader, part visionary, part healer, part knower, part seeker. Our Present mayor is a good businessman ,not a great spiritual leader, a great sports leader perhaps, he somehow failed to see his job was to heal the town rather than tear it apart. Perhaps for this reason his roof leaked, his library flooded , the walls came tumbling down. On his watch we lost valuable farmland to greed and suffered formidable threats to our water supply. A wonderful opportunity for the community to create a spiritual Centre in the center of town was lost. Oh his heart was in the right place but his pocket book differed. He somehow thought that the money was more important than feelings. And integrity.
I Don't Recall Being ASKED!
.Do you recall ever being asked by the local government if you were unhappy with the present state of our small town of Stouffville? Did they ever come to you and ask you specifically, if you wished to change the fundamental nature of our small town?
MAYOR EMERSON and his good friends, the developers, have decided that Stouffville isn't good enough the way it is. They have decided that Stouffville must grow from small town of 12,000 to a small city of 45,000 in the next few years. Now most of the people that live in Stouffville live here because it is a small town. They enjoy the friendliness, the warmth ,the relative safety, the closeness of nature and the peace it inspires, the clean air ,the clean water ,the relative calm, lack of crime. In other words, the Small Town Atmosphere. Some of us were born and raised here, some of us have moved here ,all of us live here because it is a small town. If we had wanted to live in the big city ,we could have lived in the big city. If we'd had wanted to live in Markham, we could have lived in Markham. No, we chose to live in a small town. Now the mayor has decided to change that all for us .He has declared that we do not have a right to choose how we wish to live. This has been pretty much of a self proclamation ,since we were not asked. Should not we be asked about decisions which affect the fundamental nature of our existence .

Now the mayor will tell you, public input was asked for when the town council was deciding secondary planning. The secondary planning for the town was decided by the mayor and the developers. Any input by the citizenry of the town was for the most part illusionary and unsubstantial as we have witnessed with the developers plans we are seening at the present, totally devoid of the careful considerations of that 'secondary plan'. The developers basically dictated our secondary plan,they decided that 'the official growth prediction was an 'underestimation'. At no time were the people of Stouffville specifically asked if they concurred with this plan. There was no vote, no referendum ,no question at election time.We have been dictated to.This is not democracy.

Most of the people in this town have all their lives and all their fortunes invested in this town. Not many of us have the finances of these big developers. So our influence on local government is perhaps not as substantial. We do however have a vote. But we were never asked to vote on the specific question. It is however our fundamental right to decide how we wish to live. I believe, that fundamental right , has been denied us. One would think it , only common courtesy to ask us ,if we wanted to change our lifestyle. One could think it unquestionable for local government to ask us to change our lifestyle. We were not asked anything at all. We were told. This is not democracy. This is not the way of democracy.

Public input on the decision-making processes of this town is at a all-time low. People have tried. They've gone to council, they have written letters, they have, for the most part, been ignored. Many letters have been written but only a few can be published. . If we are to have a democracy then the people must be heard and more importantly, listened to. The mayor of this town does not listen to its people he only listens to the developers. His agenda is to develop all the farmland around his town and basically change this from a small town to a small city. This is not our agenda. As such his actions constitute a breach of contract and a breach of trust .He was sworn to act in our best interests. It is not in our best interests to allow all this development.

First and foremost this development is on prime farmland which we cannot afford to lose. Secondly and of utmost importance to most of us, is the fact that we do not wish to destroy our small town and all the benefits it brings. I know you feel jaded, demoralized by the present state of our local government but remember it is our government. We must reclaim government for the people We must believe in democracy. We are all tired and cynical of government by corporations. Money is not the be all and the end all. Our health is our wealth. This is one of the major issues of our time. Whether it is more important to have a healthy nation or a rich nation.
I say that a healthy nation is a rich nation in the uncertain currents of modern life.
2003 A New Millenium -A New DIRECTION!
.It's the New Year and its out with the old and in with the new ,Council that is . It's time to decide what we want for our little town of Stouffville . What we want to see and what we want to do here, because it is our decision, not one person or six people
but the town's decision and any government that does not listen to the people it's supposed to represent is bad government and must be put aside . So it is time to consider what we need , and it's time for the people to state what they want to see here because it is our choice . Nobody dictates to us , certainly not the developers. It is OUR" FIRST CHOICE" WE PAID FOR VIEW!
. So what do you want from our mayor and council in the future ? It's time to start looking for people who will deliver that for you and it's time for those people to make themselves known.Don't think you can run against an incumbetent in a months time .You have to make yourself known and heard well ahead of the game to stand a chance. You don't win as a "Who's That?" And where are the Artists and Philosophers . The Business men only know how to take care of themselves at the expense of everybody else.
This isn't a question of capability or expertise .It is more one of direction. Direction indicates motivation .This is something that can't be learned .Expertise comes from doing . Motivation comes from your values- who and what you value and this is the real question that we want to ask.
do we want our leaders to cherish the things that we value or the things that others value ,who perhaps don't live here .(This is the real question) . It is not a matter of competence or leadership.It is a matter of direction .Heavens if we wanted a great talker and totally competent politician then we can always get Brian Mulrooney back. (however we disagree with his function in life.)
The Mayor , who's very aware that his popularity is on the downswing is working overtime to fullfil his promise to the developers .Those people who have supported him so lavishly with election campaigns contributions Stouffville is truly a developers Paradise, a planners nightmare and for the average citizen, ever increasing chaos .But Citizen are you angry enough to do something about it or are you like so many that I listened to through the year saying" well we elected them so we have to follow them". This is not what democracy is about .Blind acceptance never, never , entered into a democratic debate and it is a debate and we need debaters . With no opposition to speak for you , you must become the opposition , you must state your peace you must strive to change what you do not like. It is up to you . Don't go home, turn on the TV and shut everything down for the night. GET INVOLVED
You have to stand up for what you believe in this country or forget it because believe me the politicians and the bureaucrats will hinder you with so much red tape that you will get lost in it all the time Make your voices heard , sing in a choir and maybe one day you will have a Town Hall Theatre in which to sing in.
These will be the rallying points for the new election , the Town Hall Theatre, the Preservation of our Heritage,our Greenspace ,deciding just how much development is too much .Painting the future for our town ,deciding when enough is enough and when too much, as dictated by the developers and our bureaucrats, is too much
It is up to you to ask the questions .It 's up to you to decide what's right.
You are the power here