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We Hope to Be Covering the Local Town Council Meetings...
keep you up on Whats' happening Here...a Play by play Description(IT seems to be ALL about DEVELOPMENT!)

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!May 7 Public Discussion on Councillors ;More or Less Representation??
Do you feel adaquetely represented Now ;will you feel adequetely represented with less councillors? (hint: the Mayor favours less-save money -of course!! (who's money?)-actually the Mayor addressed that issue-said it wasn't his idea..)
...At a Heated if some what Small Meeting -with All the "USUAL RABBLE ROUSERS" -The Idea of Less Representatives was soundly Beated into the Ground by just about everybody from councillor to Crowd.However the fact that Present Day Ward 6 is going to be 20'000 people by 2010 will demand some Change after the next Election (another Problem cause by disproportionate Planing)

MAY21:- LOW ATTENDANCE FOR DEVELOPMENT INFORMATION MEETING -- is No One interested or was it the Hockey Game??

JUNE3 Please check the Towns web site..Council Meetings- AGENDA..

JUNE18 Council Meeting

We heard passionate pleas from the youths, rational and reasonable questions and demands from adults and young parents. We heard in-depth analysis and reasons for throwing away our trees ,our heritage farmhouses and denying the public access to the Creek and the woodlots from consultants and town planners. . We heard Steve Pilakes state that 'this is not growth it's an invasion.' We heard Mark Caroll stand up for the environment. We heard Councilor Sherban and Councilor Dunkel state that Stouffville will not change even after tripling in size to over 40,000. ( Excuse me! ) And we heard Mr. Lebovic say in an aside that "the other 18,000 residents of Stouffville were for development. "( I believe that is the definition of self-delusion! ) Some things that where not expressed sufficiently where 1) the fact that the population of the world will be tripling in the next 30 years and the loss of this valuable farmland and our ability to feed ourselves will be tragic. 2)The fact that the roads at present are inadequate and the proposed road system will be totally inadequate to take care of the 15 to 20,000 new cars which will be on them. And the fact that theBig Sewer Pipe is environmentally unsound and will contribute to the further degradation of our lakes and lose of moisture to the countryside..

First of all I must say that I am absolutely astounded that the citizens of this town must protect their town from their mayor and town government which is quite prepared to sell them short. One must wonder what kind of a deal Mr. Lebovic has made with the town if it is so willing and ready to disregard the basic fundamental principles of the secondary plan ( at the first instance that it is being used) which were designed to preserve the 'country next to the city.' - that is to say" the hedgerows ,our historical farmhouses, our woodlots and streams are to be preserved and maintained and enhance because they contribute to the unique character of our town." This is the essence of our secondary plan . What is the essence of Mr. Lebovic's power over our government? We know that money has exchanged hands, 450,000 for the sewer allotments, the 500,000 (50,000 a year) to have his name on the pool, campaign contributions One has to wonder about the full extent of Mr. Lebovic's generous gifts. And is the dollar ultimately more important than our heritage, our green space, the future health and welfare of our children? I think not! And I reject this proposal!

The council's flagrant disregard for the fundamental principles established for development discredits the entire secondary plan and in doing so one must question the whole process by which population and density was decided. I believe that the people should demand their democratic right to a referendum to decide once and for all the fate of the town rather than allow a bureaucracy to be influenced by developers so that we are left with a hollow shell stuffed full of crowded accommodation which we're supposed to accept as a small town. Just say No! and let your voice be heard

JUNE25 Fate Of TOWN HALL Theatre
3 Subdivision along North Edge..same questions ,size of lots and houses lack of parkettes? Bicycle Paths?? a walking community or complete dependence on the car??Is the proposed road system adeqete for these sudvisions after the 5,000 houses in the South half?? Ask the Questions and tell them how you feel,make sure they understand your concerns!

July23 Sw Vakim791n homes on top of farmland ,trees and by the Little Rouge..the same concerns...
They want to declare the OLD TOWN HALL Surplus they can sell it..DiDn't the Mayor just say they weren't going to sell it!!..the Indians had a name for this kind of thing...Its a 1 man town with alittle help from his friends

July30 95 seniors units and new Missionary Church to occupy south parking lot of Stouffville's Quickly Disappearing Flea Market..with another Subvision scheduled for the North side that doesn't leave much for the Flea Market (any truth to that Rumor about WaLLy??)

Aug 12 Sue Sherban holds meeting to establish Arts and Cultural committee to increase awareness of our wonderfull local artists and also towards the presurvation and use of our Classic Town Hall as a theatre and arts and culture venue.

SaveOur Town group hold meeting Aug 15,7:30pm Legion Hall to discussion Development proposals and possible actions.

Save Our Town Group plans more meetings for mid Sept

Aug20CouncilMeeting Presentation of Petition and revamped Town Hall Theatre Proposal regarding... Town Hall Theatre Group presents petition to Town Council Aug 20

What a mean-spirited town council we have. First they sell the whole town to the developers ,something which effects everybody's bottom-line. And now they're willing to tear out the heart of the town (our historical Town Hall Theatre) and offered it up to the development section as well. All under the guise of fiscal responsibility. This will actually cost the town millions in lost revenue and billions in moral goodwill.

They are extremely generous with our capital and our lifestyle but preach penny pinching when it comes to spending their "our" money! I have to ask these representatives if they represent the people. Have they asked their constituents what they want.? Have they conducted a poll as the theatre people have( and collected more than a thousand signatures in favour of the Town Hall Theatre).
Comments like " a recent performance by a music group at a church indicated no support for music in this town 'merely illustrates the need for a central focal facility where the only question which need be asked is "What is happening at the Town Hall Theatre this week?". And the presence of signatures from other people in neighboring communities indicates much-needed support for the theatre from our neighbours and is not a sign of fraudulent behavior. As to the comment of why they haven't gone forward and solicited grants perhaps if the council indicated support for the incentive and where willing to give a certain percentage towards their needs than they could legitimately go and solicit grants. Why would they bother doing so with the full realization that the council is going to respond as they have! As to the comment that the town is legally bound to the agreement they have made I can only say that they chose to make a decision when a review was the only thing on the agenda .In other words they got us into this mess they can get us out of it. They chose to have no discussion. They chose to make this decision without consultation with us. They falsely advertised their intent .

As to money. We have the 450 ,000 with which Mr. Lebovic bought the sewage allotments. This is supposed to represent some "immediate and tangible benefit to the town" .If it is used by the planning and development department it is as good as giving it back to the developers. Give this to us for the theatre. We deserve some benefit from all this development ,which we are paying for! Also the 50,000 per annum for the naming rights for the pool can go toward operating costs each year.
There ,we're halfway there! No excuses now. Start representing our views ,our desires and our needs , before you morally bankrupt this town!

Sept 17 Council Historical Heritage Classification for Old Town Hall, Mayor and Counical Ignore pleas by THOUSANDS of Residents to keep the THT in Public hands ..only the Developers get to play Here (we pay -They Play!)
SAVE OUR TOWN Committee holds meeting Sept 18 Legion Hall to discuss possible action

New Years 03 Who are the real vandals in this town , the ones who destroy the woods and streams or the ones that vent their frustration with the obvious disconcern for their welfare . The ones that take advantage of seniors, manipulating them at their will The ones taking away our heritage ,our countryside and spoiling our food and water. The ones beating up on youth initiative.
No wonder no one wants to volunteer or take the time to show an interest in their town because they know it's not their town. They are not made to be a part of it,. They are, a part of it.!

Where are common sense and decency gone? And giving?


These are my three wishes for the year to come
It is the real will of this town that we have a theatre in the center of the town and that this act as the focal point for our town enterprise, our historical enterprise of restoration of our town .that we might restore our pride and warm feelings for our Town long neglected by our present government... we shall live again!

It's the New Year and its out with the old and in with the new ,Council that is . It's time to decide what we want for our little town of Stouffville . What we want to see and what we want to do here, because it is our decision, not one person or six people
but the town's decision and any government that does not listen to the people it's supposed to represent is bad government and must be put aside . So it is time to consider what we need , and it's time for the people to state what they want to see here because it is our choice . Nobody dictates to us , certainly not the developers. It is OUR" FIRST CHOICE" WE PAID FOR VIEW!
. So what do you want from our mayor and council in the future ? It's time to start looking for people who will deliver that for you and it's time for those people to make themselves known.Don't think you can run against an incumbetent in a months time .You have to make yourself known and heard well ahead of the game to stand a chance. You don't win as a "Who's That?" And where are the Artists and Philosophers . The Business men only know how to take care of themselves at the expense of everybody else.
This isn't a question of capability or expertise .It is more one of direction. Direction indicates motivation .This is something that can't be learned .Expertise comes from doing . Motivation comes from your values- who and what you value and this is the real question that we want to ask.
do we want our leaders to cherish the things that we value or the things that others value ,who perhaps don't live here .(This is the real question) . It is not a matter of competence or leadership.It is a matter of direction .Heavens if we wanted a great talker and totally competent politician then we can always get Brian Mulrooney back. (however we disagree with his function in life.)
The Mayor , who's very aware that his popularity is on the downswing is working overtime to fullfil his promise to the developers .Those people who have supported him so lavishly with election campaigns contributions Stouffville is truly a developers Paradise, a planners nightmare and for the average citizen, ever increasing chaos .But Citizen are you angry enough to do something about it or are you like so many that I listened to through the year saying" well we elected them so we have to follow them". This is not what democracy is about .Blind acceptance never, never , entered into a democratic debate and it is a debate and we need debaters . With no opposition to speak for you , you must become the opposition , you must state your peace you must strive to change what you do not like. It is up to you . Don't go home, turn on the TV and shut everything down for the night. GET INVOLVED
You have to stand up for what you believe in this country or forget it because believe me the politicians and the bureaucrats will hinder you with so much red tape that you will get lost in it all the time Make your voices heard , sing in a choir and maybe one day you will have a Town Hall Theatre in which to sing in.
These will be the rallying points for the new election , the Town Hall Theatre, the Preservation of our Heritage,our Greenspace ,deciding just how much development is too much .Painting the future for our town ,deciding when enough is enough and when too much, as dictated by the developers and our bureaucrats, is too much
It is up to you to ask the questions .It 's up to you to decide what's right.
You are the power here .
Randy Mole
notes to Council Meeting on January 21st.

At last Tuesday's Council Meeting, the Council, at the urging of the planners accepted the Fundamental Servicing Studies for the Northwest and Southwest quadrants because in their words they were " consistent with the vision and the principles expressed in the Town's Secondary Plan."
Now this is a brilliant example of what I have come to call (fondly) "Designers' logic". Our secondary plan portrays a small country town of 24,500 by the year 2021 with an abundance of woodlots, stream valleys , ponds and well preserved farmhouses with barns and treed farm lanes and hedgerows all connected by an open linkage trail system for bikers and walkers. The Functional Servicing Studies however, are for a town of 40,000 people with another 10,000 people working here with their cars and with only three main east-west access roads in which green spaces is encroached upon and paved over. ( How did we get from 24,500 to 44,000 without the public being consulted?!)
This is no logical argument. It wouldn't stand up in court. But, yes ,it is .. " Designers' Logic!"
We were likewise treated to another fine example of designers logic in the same meeting when we were informed that a small duck pond on the north edge of town was to be paved over because the effects of urbanization i.e. the sewage pipes etc. would probably lead to it drying up anyway. Ergo.. . it wasn't worth saving!
This logic has been prevailing in southern Ontario for some time . It's basic premise is that 'due to the negative effects of urbanization on the natural environment it becomes not worth saving ,therefore pave over it ! Take for instance the sewage pipes down in Markham. They have been forced to pump off excess water when they are digging these trenches.. the effect of which is that everybody's wells further upstream are drying up but we are assured this is' an acceptable disruption'' quite common in the GTA', according to the region's planners and therefore permitted!.. This is somewhat bewildering, however one must assume that the designer's premise and reason for living is development whereas our basic premise for living is freshwater, good topsoil to feed us and clean air in a healthy safe environment.
I'm quite sure we will be privy to more designers' logic in the near future. After all another basic premise of the designer is that, man is obsolete! (ERgo ..not worth saving!)
Randy Mole

Feb Life Is Business at the End of the Day You Account Your Accomplishments and Measure Your Worth.

Business is indeed a part of being a mayor. However a mayor is also a spiritual leader. As is his council. Perhaps it is time Stouffville had a CE 0. The role of mayor is part cheerleader, part visionary, part healer, part knower, part seeker. Our Present mayor is a good businessman ,not a great spiritual leader, a great sports leader perhaps, he somehow failed to see his job was to heal the town rather than tear it apart. Perhaps for this reason his roof leaked, his library flooded , the walls came tumbling down. On his watch we lost valuable farmland to greed and suffered formidable threats to our water supply. A wonderful opportunity for the community to create a spiritual Centre in the center of town was lost. Oh his heart was in the right place but his pocket book differed. He somehow thought that the money was more important than feelings. And integrity.

Randy Mole
Mayor wishes to sue March 17 2003.

I understand the Mayor wishes to sue me over remarks contained in my last letter to the editor.
Once again the Mayor feels no hesitation in spending your tax dollars to protect himself from the way you "feel" towards him and his politics. It was a similar thing with the Residents Information Group when he stated he was prepared to spend ,000 to fight the people of Stouffville over his decision to locate the pool where he did. Personally I think the mayor would be ill advised to pursue this path. But then when has our" common sense" or our advise ever mattered to the Mayor.

What part of this 'prose' did you not understand Mr. Emerson? The only untruth I see here is the statement that I thought the Mayor " a good businessman.". This was in fact shameless flattery and not my true belief. Actually any Mayor who cripples the downtown and spends the town peoples' money destroying their town is not my idea of a good Mayor. I apologize for that untruth.
The remarks about him thinking 'the money more important than the way the people feel' was a direct reference to the naming of the pool. Which I predicated by two direct references to the pool a couple of lines before. It is also a valid comment about the excessive, rapid expansion of the town, since very few people think this a good thing for "their town". It could also be referred to the manner in which the Mayor destroyed peoples' hopes for their Town Hall Theatre.
( Hey in some circles this would be regarded as good political judgement and a compliment!)
I cannot be held responsible for the Mayor's response to something I said. One can only make inferences based on their knowledge of the subject. I personally have no knowledge to imply what he infers . He however would have more knowledge of that subject. Perhaps indeed it is time we had some questions answered. Since the Mayor feels very sensitive about this issue.
However if the Mayor thinks that he can suppress public dissent of his politics by threatening to sue anyone who disagrees with his manner of governing then I think he has another thing to learn about democracy. Randy Mole


What does it take?
Since June I've been trying to get the town to properly inform the people of Stouffville to the manner and extent of new development in the town.
I petitioned the town to put the plans on the white noticeboards. No reply! I asked if they couldn't put the draft plans of the subdivisions in the newspaper so that the whole town could see what was happening here not just those in the immediate vicinity (130 m ). No reply! I asked if the display boards from the one Public Information Meeting, in May, on all the development could be put up on public display in the pool library complex . No reply.
Thinking perhaps they needed their display boards in their office I spent many hours putting together a display board showing the roads and the subdivisions . In November I went to the head librarian and asked if it would be possible to display the board in the library. She felt unable to make that decision and referred the matter to the head planner. Mr. Parry replied that there was more than enough information in all the binders sitting in the library. This had been the very point in making a display board: so that the people did not have to take the time to read through all the Functional Servicing Studies or take time off work to go to the town offices to find out the information. After a couple of aborted attempts to bring the matter to the town council I finally appeared before them this week to ask if they could not put the display board up( or another one from the town offices of equal or better quality as The Concerned Citizens Group had suggested at the previous meeting, which would have been just as good.) They however replied that they felt the people should make the effort to find out this information rather than make it easily and readily available to them by putting it up in a public space where they could study and consider the developments at their own time and leisure. And the mayor likes to talk about this being an open process here! Just why is it that the town government feels responsible enough to make decisions that will affect the whole town, without asking our approval, but they do not feel responsible enough to properly inform us, the whole town, of the exact nature and extent of those changes in a timely manner? Why, if this is an open process, did the mayor tell me at the Spring 2002 presentation of the first three Functional Servicing Studies, that's the population of Stouffville would be 24,500 by the year 2021 when he knew of subdivision proposals suggesting a figure closer to 36,000? . Do they wish to merely bring in the finalized plans (which for the most part appeared to be the developers plans ) at the last minute and approve them without any more discussion? This is what they did with Mr. Lebovic's 90 homes.We received notice on the Thursday before the Tues. meeting and they approved everything with out further discussion.
You , Joe Public, Are Not Important Here! You just pay for everything and the developers profit! ( And our Bureaucracy ( like most bureaucracies ) has become exceedingly self-serving.)
Randy Mole
(Council to consider renovation to Old Town Hall for Seniors)
Deja Vu in the Council Chambers Apr. 15th 2003 .

I thought I was experiencing a Deja Vu Tuesday afternoon in the Council Chambers . here we where back at the same place we had been ten months ago. We had almost done a complete 360 . Mr. Arrowsmith was doing the renovations, the downstairs to be used by the seniors instead of the artists and the upstairs being a lease or is it a condo arrangement?
After we begged to leave the Old Town Hall Theatre in town hands; called for its use as a small theatre community facility to service the people of Stouffville at large from cinema for the youth, to the church group, the Theatre group, dinner and dance ,music or art, from the kid next door with his band recital to the local pianist, choreographers, composers, comics, playwrights, barber shop quartet ,seniors choir , mimes,Magicans ,all who would have had a chance to realized their dreams in a small centrally located historical building with a nurturing ambience; small cozy and warm, rather than large and intimidating , well beyond their financial means and emotional resources. And Downtown!
This is not to demean the seniors needs. They are very real and relevant to this time. However how can we have a council which condemned the Theatre group's cost analysis of 1 million dollars plus and all of a sudden justifying spending that on a fraction of the people who would be served by a Theatre facility. And what of Councillor Bowes support of this decision. Not orginally feeling it fiscally responsible to facilitate a Theatre at 1 million plus renovation he has in the meantime come to realized that $ 50,000 plus a year is what it takes to run a Theatre facility and now he wants us to support a bid for the old Stouffville United Missionary Church which has nothing more to offer us excepting perhaps a substantial parking lot.( better the seniors here; quieter ,more accomadating for their needs even if they only used the house at first.)
And of course then there is the question of parking for the seniors at the Old Town Hall.. we seem to have lost our downtown parking.
In its reality a Seniors facility here would do very little to rejuvenate the downtown area whereas the Theatre facility would bring in much-needed revenue to the area and facilitate subsequent renovation to our whole downtown area by focusing attention on our centre.
(and I seem to recall the moaning and groaning about the needless cost of a freight elevator for the Theatre and yet now we hear that an elevator is to be part of the renovations to the tune of ,000 and no one seems to have a problem with that.)
Is this some kind of flip-flop? Or indeed is the hand quicker than eye.? .. and we are merely looking at some sort of an illusion? We have come 360 to the same spot we were in back in June 2002 and nobody seems to mind or understand why?.
(And in a democracy why does the vote of 4 people outweigh the opinion of 2000? Which can be said to be more representative of the people's wishes?)